With the Help of Marketing Automation, the Sales Costs of this B2B Brand Are Reduced by 20%, While Sales Success Rates Are Increased by 50%


When companies in B2B industry hold an offline exhibition, they expect to gain more potential customers and sign more contracts with these customers. The best possible scenario is to secure an order on the spot, but this on-the-spot ordering is only ideal.  For the most part, these sales leads need to be followed up on later.

The 1 on 1 salesperson-to-customer service forces the sales staff to provide a lot of manpower and to take risks that could produce negative results. How can we accurately discover the customers’ interest within the brand and take initiative at the right time? With marketing automation technology, this problem can be solved!

We will show you how WeChat marketing automation technology enables B2B sales to more efficiently convert potential customers into sales leads —


Step1: Set a specific O2O QR code for each sales

During the offline exhibition, sales would touch a number of potentical clients. the sales team uses their own QR code to lead potential clients follow brand official account, also bind the client to themselves in sales system. So that they could make 1:1 conversation through the Official Account in the future.

A brand can make a good impression on potential followers by setting up a welcome journey on the QR code in order to acquire more follower information. The behavior and messages followers do and send in WeChat official account would be transferred into tags, which would allow brand operator to know about individual follower. For example, knowing the purchase intent and optimal time of purchase make the follower portrait much clearer, making it easier to follow up later.


Step2: Customize posts to convert followers into potential customers

After having a basic understanding of the step 1 identification tag, a group can be formed on the basis of follower information, where these followers can be sent customized posts.

In this era of attention economy, the goal of gaining followers and establishing strong relationships with them is to understand individual followers and send them content that is of interest to him/her. Using personalized content, followers do not become annoyed with ads, proving to be a win-win situation between the brand and the customer.

Followers can be divided into different groups and sent personalized content according to the information collected before.


Step3: Followers interaction is used as a trigger to enable the O2O tools

Followers can click on the [Read More], [menu], [message], or other operations to trigger the O2O tool, which can be bound to the corresponding sales, achieve 1 on 1 conversation.

Communication between sales and potential followers can be achieved within the official account; the chat history being completely recorded. For B2B companies who want to view sales follow-up, this feature is extremely valuable.


Step 4: Keyword reply

If a follower asks “How do XX products function?”, “I want to represent XX series”, this indicates that the purchase or partnership intention is very strong. Set relevant keywords in advance to trigger the corresponding journey and send a reminder to the sales team to inform them of the follower dynamic. Sales can then use the O2O tool to interact with a follower 1 on 1 within the first 48 hours.

Using this function, the follower can submit relevant information throughout the journey, and finally bind the corresponding sales to achieve 1 on 1 management.


Step5: Follow by searching, H5, and other activities

Followers follow the brand’s official account and reply information throughout the set journey. When the fan completes the journey, they are automatically assigned to sales according to the information they input.

Additionally, using online activities (such as H5 campaign), followers can be assigned to sales according to different product information (such as the region or product line) acquired from the follower. The sales team will gradually convert more potential customers to order customers using the 1:1 conversation mode within the official account.

Using the five strategies mentioned in this article: brand could bind every potential leads to a sales person by JINGdigital sales tool. The sales leads are from the new followers attracted from online and offline activities, and existing followers activated by engaging in the official account. With the help of marketing automation, we can continue to enhance the WeChat official account, while steadily increasing the purchase conversion rate.


Hope that this automation technology assists in sales and greatly increases profits for your company!