Binding and Integration

Integrate CRM Systems and Build Fuller Customer Profile Achieve Omni-channel Customer Journey Setup


Membership Binding

JINGdigital offers proprietary strategies and tactics to help your brand increase its membership binding rate. By integrating your membership system with WeChat, you can make it much more convenient to push customized content to members via WeChat Official Account.

CRM System Binding

JINGdigital can transfer important WeChat data, like user tags, to your brand’s CRM system, which will make customer profiles more comprehensive. With personal information from various aspects, including purchase histories, product preferences, and birthdates, you can send followers more pertinent content.

EC Binding

JINGdigital can collect data from both WeChat Official Account and e-commerce systems. Integrated data from e-commerce systems (such as purchase history and lifetime order value), we help WeChat build a more comprehensive user profile. Abandoned cart notifications are one example, where you can remind e-commerce customers of their abandoned purchases through their WeChat official account.




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