Analytics and Insights

Understand Customers with Detailed Personas Support Sales Follow-up with Comprehensive Analytics and Insights


KOL Analytics

JINGdigital provides KOL analytics to identify and promote external KOLs. Using collected data, you can deploy a variety of strategies to incentivize potential KOLs. Moreover, we present tools to quantify the effectiveness of your KOLs.

Binding Analytics

JINGdigital can act as a vital bridge between your company’s WeChat OA and other systems including e-Commerce, CRM, and membership programs. Integrated with other systems, WeChat OA can furnish a more comprehensive user profile, a better personalized engagement and an appropriate retargeting journey.

Daily Engagement Analytics

By recording every follower’s actions in your WeChat Official Account, JINGdigital can deliver in-depth profile and timeline for each follower. Without our platform, for example, you can only check pageview of a post. With it, you can see how many people have viewed this post sent via different channels (i.e. a published post versus a triggered post). With tags tagged by followers’ actions, you can analyze habits and preferences of all followers.

Campaign Analytics

With JINGdigital, you could evaluate the accurate effectiveness of both online and offline campaigns. The data of our platform provides far beyond simple details. You will learn how many followers engaged with automated customer journeys (another perk of our platform), and for how long, which makes it easier to identify potential key opinion leaders (KOLs) – followers who actively engage and share brand contents – among your fan base. Most importantly, we help you figure out what works and what doesn’t for your campaigns, strive towards identifying and engage with your target audience, which will ultimately improve results and ROI.




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