JINGsales - Social Selling Platform

JINGsales is a social selling platform built within the WeChat and WeChat Work ecosystems. Sales teams now can use a sales tool that leverages the power of social to increase conversions, by giving sales teams a comprehensive view of customers and understanding of customer behaviors before conversion. Whether you are a retailer that is looking for a clienteling solution or sales leader who is looking to better track your sales team's path to conversion, JINGsales is the tool for you.


Complete Control of Your Customer Assets

By adopting JINGsales to power the communication between salespeople and customers, brands take full control of their customer assets:

  • Capture customer behavior anywhere within the WeChat ecosystem (Official Account, mini-program or mini-site campaign pages);
  • Carry out high-level clienteling by recording to the sCRM offline interactions between salespeople and customers;
  • Easily re-assign customers in case of salesperson turnover;
  • Integrate WeChat Work data with your brand’s sCRM and CRM systems

Customer Insight Drives Conversion

Salespeople can access customer data in real-time such as order history and product preference through WeChat Work. In addition, companies can set up powerful rules-based notifications to alert salespeople when prospects are ready to buy. For example:

  • Products added to cart, but not purchased;
  • Customer score reaches a preset threshold;
  • Customer revived by an interactive marketing event;
  • Etc.

1:1 Closed-Loop Selling from Offline to Online

WeChat is used to be the most essential tool for salespeople to maintain long-term connections with offline prospects in China. Now JINGsales transforms Wechat Work into a social selling tool through which salespeople can build 1:1 connection with customers on WeChat and distribute content such as new product releases, official event invitations, and exclusive discounts, either 1-to-1 or to a group. JINGsales helps brands solve the eternal challenge of unofficial content and laborious process that occur when salespeople use personal WeChat to sell.




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