For retailers, WeChat has become so significant for marketing that you can’t ignore. Automated marketing gives retailers deeper insights of customers’ individualized needs, while lowering marketing costs and increasing conversion rates.

I. Industry Background


The increasing popularity of intelligent marketing has made WeChat an indispensable marketing tool for retail brands. JINGdigital, one of China’s leading marketing automation platforms, has tailored a complete set of digital marketing optimization solutions for retail industry, including luxuries. JINGdigital helps clients provide personalized service to their customers, increase brand influences and conversion rates.


II. Challenges


In the era of digital marketing, retailers are eagerly trying to capture online users’ fleeting attention. Content without distinction are no longer effective. Brands will face the following challenges when they operate WeChat official accounts.

1)  How can you get every potential customer who enters your shop to follow your official account and expand your fan base?

2)  For online fans, how can you provide the most targeted marketing materials to online followers to make them purchase?

3)  For brand consumers, how can you optimize the membership registration process through WeChat, as well as speed up their second purchase, and increase brand loyalty?

In the face of all above challenges, brands can harness the capabilities of WeChat to paint a vivid portrait of every one of their customers, while making each interaction 100% personalized.



III. Solutions


1)  Configure specific QR codes for each touch-point and use personalized interactions to increase retention rates.

Touchpoints, as we known, can be defined as any scenarios a customer engage with your brand no matter he or she buys or not, including entering a retail store, speaking with a store clerk, buying something and participating in an in-store promotion. All these are retailers’ target audience. JINGdigital can design a QR code for each touchpoint, develop the interest point of customers as an attraction, and turn potential customers into WeChat followers, and finally nurture them until they become real consumer groups.

JINGdigital can set up corresponding Welcome Journeys for fans acquired from different touchpoints. A chatbot collects personal information from fans while they engage in conversations. This maximizes users’ fleeting attention – especially when they first follow brands’ account – and greatly improves the retention rate.


2)  Use personalized Welcome Journeys to create 360° user profiles, opening the door to customized marketing content.

From the beginning of the Welcome Journey, JINGdigital tags followers by their interactions within brands WeChat official accounts. Brand marketers can then understand their followers by age, location, and preferred products, among other dimensions. Followers can be segmented into different groups and – based on which group they are in – they can be sent specific content.


3)  Quickly complete membership registration through chatbot interactions and speed up the process of turning followers into consumers.

Through JINGdigital’s O2O Sales Tool, shop clerks can use WeChat OA to have 1:1 chats with customers, respond to their needs and convert potential customers into consumers.

At the same time, “Customer Journeys” provided by JINGdigital speed up membership registration processes and prevent the loss of potential members that is often caused by previous complex procedures. JINGdigital links brands’ WeChat official accounts with their ecommerce infrastructure, gathering further information about members. Based on purchase records, browsing records and ecommerce transactions we collect, JINGdigital is able to push tailored marketing content (such as coupons and shopping cart reminders).

Automated marketing also helps speed up consumers’ second purchase: by purchase history, we can calculate the use cycle of products they have purchased and direct them to a brand’s shop or the ecommerce website to make them repurchase.


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