Driving Results through Connection

The path to achieving exceptional marketing results is long and winding. JINGdigital's Marketing Automation solutions can empower your acquisition, nurturing, engagement and conversion strategies, connecting you to great business results.


Multiple Solutions for
All Your Marketing Needs

JINGdigital's full life cycle marketing strategies and industry-based marketing automation solutions help you build personalized connections with your customers.

  • SCRM(Social CRM)全渠道获客

    Omni-Channel Acquisition

    Does your brand market on multiple channels? Not a problem, our suite of tools will help you centralize management and allow for messaging and retargeting through WeChat and other channels.

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  • SCRM(Social CRM)系统可以记录和追踪不同渠道的用户来源及用户行为

    Analytics and Insights

    We know customer needs and preferences matter for generating effective engagement. Our complete tracking and insight toolkit helps you create strategies informed by data.

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  • JINGdigital SCRM系统营销自动化工具基于用户行为标签,针对不同生命周期阶段的客户进行微信精准化营销

    Life Cycle Engagement

    JINGdigital marketing automation solutions help you effortlessly create personalized engagement based on customer's needs in their customer life cycle stages, providing the most relevant content and services.

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  • JINGdigital SCRM系统营销自动化工具提升电商、 行业及微信营销转化率


    With customized customer retargeting journeys, personalized content marketing and social selling that empowers sales people, the JINGdigital marketing automation platform helps your brand improve marketing conversion.

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  • JINGdigital帮助品牌实现系统与第三方数据平台对接

    Binding and Integration

    JINGdigital's platform helps your brand integrate WeChat customers with your CRM or Loyalty program and other existing marketing tools.

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Our Four Platforms Support Full Life Cycle Marketing Strategies

JINGsocial - 营销自动化平台

Marketing Automation Platform

JINGsocial is a complete marketing automation tool for you business. If you are a marketer or CRM manager, JINGsocial can support your customer engagement efforts throughout your customer's life cycle, from acquisition to conversion. JINGsocial is able to bind your customers or members to WeChat and create personalized engagement through your social channels. Our marketing suite helps you create campaigns, build customized chatbots and journeys and track and analyze customer behavior.

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JINGsales - 微信&社交销售平台

Social Selling Platform

JINGsales is a social selling platform built within the WeChat and WeChat Work ecosystems. Sales teams now can use a sales tool that leverages the power of social to increase conversions, by giving sales teams a comprehensive view of customers and understanding of customer behaviors before conversion. Whether you are a retailer that is looking for a clienteling solution or sales leader who is looking to better track your sales teams path to conversion, JINGsales is the tool for you.

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JINGconnect - 用户数据对接平台

Integration Platform

JINGconnect is an integration platform that connects your existing systems to your WeChat and/or JINGsocial and JINGsales accounts. With a full set of REST APIs and data automations, JINGconnect can support integrations with your current CRM, membership system and marketing cloud.

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JINGtrack - 用户行为追踪平台

Customer Behavior Tracking Platform

JINGtrack is a web and mini program solution to track customer behavior on your company-owned websites, mini programs and ecommerce properties. JINGtrack can help you build a more comprehensive customer profile through the addition of online behavioral data and create powerful opportunities to reengage with your leads and customers.

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Empower across Industries, Learn Best Practices

  • 零售行业CRM系统&营销自动化案例

    Retail Industry

    JINGdigital's retail solution can help brands create superior customer connections with segmented content campaigns and personalized engagement and retargeting journeys. In-store sales people are empowered with content sharing and social selling tools. All the while, brands can simultaneously build a deeper understanding of their customers.

  • 奢侈品行业CRM系统&营销自动化案例

    Luxury Industry

    JINGdigital's luxury solution can help brands create customized customer connections befitting the exacting requirements of the luxury experience. Segmented content campaigns, individualized life-cycle messaging, and personalized engagement and retargeting journeys creates a unique and tailored experience for each customer. In-store sales people are also empowered with clienteling assignments and content sharing tools to sell through WeChat. All the while, brands can simultaneously build deeper insights about their customers.

  • B2B行业CRM系统&营销自动化案例

    B2B Industry

    JINGdigital's B2B industry solution digitalizes the B2B marketing function, empowering B2B marketers with a full lead management suite that increases sales while saving time. Lead acquisition can now be managed through JINGsocial's online and offline event and content campaign features built with the WeChat ecosystem in mind. Leads can also be nurtured with automated lead scoring and personalized journeys. Promising leads can be managed and delivered to sales teams in JINGsales for conversion with minimal effort.

  • 教育培训行业CRM系统&营销自动化案例

    Education Industry

    The education industry faces the dual pressures of a soaring customer acquisition cost and slowing growth. JINGdigital's education solution optimizes the acquisition process by continually nurturing all potential customers and provides tools to deliver the right messaging to the right customers at the right time. JINGsocial's lead management system captures leads across all channels to be able to manage and target with customized messaging and journeys. Education sales teams can also use JINGsales to continue communicating with potential customers online all while managing leads in one centralized location shared with marketing.

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