JINGconnect - Integration Platform

JINGconnect is an integration platform that connects your existing systems to your WeChat and/or JINGsocial and JINGsales accounts. With a full set of REST APIs and data automation, JINGconnect can support integrations with your current CRM, membership system and marketing cloud.


Integrate with Other Third-Party Platforms

JINGconnect allows seamless integration of your social CRM with other critical systems such as customer service and e-commerce, enabling you to track and collect full customer life cycle data. This intelligent membership marketing system improves customer engagement level, lifts repurchase rate, and enhances customer loyalty starting from the first touch.

Integrate with Marketing Cloud

Regardless of whether you use SAP, Salesforce, Marketo, or Hubspot, JINGconnect extends your capabilities, allowing you to communicate with customers through WeChat, the most important social channel in any omnichannel marketing ecosystem in China. Data captured from WeChat interactions raises the effectiveness of communications carried out on other channels.

Integrate with CRM/Membership System

We help you connect your WeChat customer info to your existing CRM systems like CRM system or membership system to achieve omnichannel user behavior data tracking. With robust 360° customer profiles, you are empowered to create personalized engagement campaigns and targeted marketing.




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