JINGtrack - User Behavior Tracking Platform

JINGtrack is a web and mini-program solution to track customer behavior on your company-owned websites, mini-programs, and e-commerce properties. JINGtrack can help you build a more comprehensive customer profile through the addition of online behavioral data and create powerful opportunities to reengage with your leads and customers.


Website Data Tracking and Management

By adding the JS tracking onto the website, we help brands to track and record customer/lead behavior data on websites. Meanwhile, these data are synchronized to JINGsocial and can be integrated with CRM systems via JINGconnect, which enables multi-channel (e.g. e-commerce, mini website) data integration. Brands can thus create systematic customer tag libraries for fuller customer profiles, and deploy scenario-based engagement campaigns at scale.

Mini-Program Data Tracking and Management

JINGconnect uses proprietary JavaScript code to track and record follower behavior as it occurs throughout the brand’s WeChat mini-program ecosystem. This data is synchronized back to the JINGsocial sCRM and appended to individual user profiles where it is available for sharing to other systems. This data enables brands to create comprehensive customer profiles and deploy scenario-based engagement campaigns at scale.




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