More luxury retail brands have realized that WeChat is the premier platform for interacting with their Chinese customers. Marketing automation tactics allow brands to develop deeper insights on target groups, strengthen existing customers’ loyalty, generate values through consumer behavioral analysis, and ultimately turn potential customers into loyal fans.

I. Industry Background


As industry insiders often point out, luxury retailers always place a premium on controlling brand image. In this regard, one would be hard-pressed to find a better alternative to WeChat for brand promotions and user interactions. By combining the capabilities of WeChat with proprietary marketing automation software, JINGdigital furnishes clients with an extensive digital marketing toolset. We help brands to understand and provide customized services to target users, optimize membership programs, and establish deeper connections with customers while improving conversion rates.


II. Challenges


Luxury brands are far more conscious of brand messaging than their mass retail peers. They seek to target the right users in the right way. To do so, brands must gain an in-depth understanding of their consumers. This task entails gathering large amounts of data, extracting the most important information, and ultimately putting that information to use. In practice, we often see a few common challenges:

  • How can a retailer track and gather information on shoppers who enter their offline stores, and get these potential customers to engage the brand online?
  • How can one increase the proportion of bound members and improve customers loyalty?
  • How can a brand increase the conversion rate – turn potential customers into real ones – through content marketing?
  • What is the best way to provide a tailored and attentive experience for customers, both pre- and post-purchase?

The above challenges can be met with the assistance of powerful platform, one that can fully take advantages of upgraded WeChat. For brands, it is critical to develop a 360˚ view of each WeChat follower and pursue fully personalized customer interactions.



III.  Solutions


◆ O2O Sales Tool: Attract More Customers Offline


Because of the specific industry characteristics, luxury retailers often encounter customers who don’t place orders on-the-spot. For luxury brands that depend on traditional marketing strategies, these potential customers will be lost, or sales associates follow up with shoppers through their private WeChat account.


JINGdigital has a solution for this problem. The O2O Sales Tool provides each store location with a unique QR code. By scanning this code, shoppers follow the official account and – through the official account – can receive promotion notifications, special offers, and other content. The tool’s1:1 chat feature makes it easier for sales associates to engage with consumers long after they leave stores. These interactions — also handily managed through the brand’s official account – let sales staff send customers customized content. Most importantly, it solves the above problem of ad hoc brand-shopper communications by handling all interactions within the brand’s WeChat account.


◆ The “Welcome Journey”: Increase and Simply Membership Registration


Attention is fleeting, especially in an era of abundant online content. For retailers, it is critical to engage new fans soon after they follow the brand official account. With JINGdigital’s “Welcome Journey”, a chatbot engages new followers immediately. Through an automated dialog, the Welcome Journey extracts critical information from users, such as the content type they are interested in. Moreover, the membership registration process can be completed through the automated chatbot dialog. This innovation cuts down on the number of potential members who are lost because of complicated registration procedures.


In addition, JINGdigital has developed trigger mechanisms to make sure that followers who haven’t completed the membership registration process don’t fall through the cracks. Those who haven’t completed the process can be reminded to finish registration.


◆ Identify Customer Portraits: Push Targeted Content and Engage in Customized Interactions with User Information and Behavior Tagging


JINGdigital employs several behavioral “tags” to form a 360° portrait of each user: acquisition channel (how did they follow the official account), browsing trajectory on the brand’s WeChat account, and interactions on the account. These tags shed light on the WeChat audience: their nearest stores, style preferences, etc. From this, brands can use the platform to segment followers by these preferences, and push customized content based on each group’s interests.


Retailers need to recognize that attention is a diminishing resource. Brands can keep followers engaged only if they understand their interests and push content that appeals to those interests. JINGdigital offers retailers a detailed portrait of each fan, opening the door to increase conversion rates.


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