Lifecycle Engagement

Engage Customers to Proceed in Marketing Funnel Personalize Automatic Customer Journey Improve Retention Rate and Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)


JINGdigital can reduce labor costs and provide more targeted contents to followers, a win-win for both brands and their customers. With an increase in brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, these happy followers can become your brand’s KOLs.

Leads Nurturing

Consider JINGdigital platform as a “lead nurturing engine”. With tools like chatbots, customized menus, and our proprietary O2O Sales Tool, you can cultivate sales leads among inactive WeChat followers. Use these features to engage them with customized contents, and – once they’re interested – lead them to become customers.

Customized Engagement

Personalized interactions are the key to engagement. To convert WeChat users into customers, you must first know where they are in the customer “lifecycle”. With JINGdigital, you can personalize engagements, and convert followers into full-fledged customers. Through tools like keyword triggers and chatbots, engage each follower at the right time and in the right way.


There are countless channels to acquire new customers, whether online or offline campaigns, B2B summits, or media advertisements. JINGdigital uses unique QR codes and customized “Welcome Journeys” to track and analyze each acquisition channel, making it easier for you to know ROI.




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