1 Tactic Helped This Resort’s Upsell Success Rate Reach 75%

Brand N is a resort brand that focuses on allowing guests to get as close to nature as possible. This brand launched an exclusive event for the WeChat special room reservation, which allowed potential customers to experience a real carnival.

The brand was surprised to find that 75% of ordering customers at the event purchased the upgrade package thanks to JINGdigital’s marketing strategy! Also, the customers who purchased the upgrade package were 100% satisfied.


The brand encountered these challenges; maybe you have too—

  • How to encourage users to make more purchases, so that secondary sales can be achieved;
  • How to increase consumption and provide followers with a better experience;
  • How to personally serve every individual follower and improve marketing conversion rates.


After partnering with JINGdigital, these problems were resolved.

Throughout their experience with the chatbot, followers can grasp a complete understanding of the products and why they need to make more purchases. As a result of this improvement in the customer journey, 75% of order customers responded with YES. With the help of JINGdigital, this brand was able to achieve a better understaning of individual customers and their needs.



How did they do it?

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