Improve Follower Engagement with WeChat Official AccountsRetail

Improve Follower Engagement with WeChat Official Accounts

This brand operates in the liquor industry and has a long-term partnership with JINGdigital. Using the feature of the customer journey, the brand can achieve a better understanding of follower information by interacting with fans, paving the way for easier personalized marketing in the future.


Problems that this brand encountered:

  • Interactions with WeChat followers was decreasing, resulting in a need to enhance follower loyalty;
  • Insufficient understanding of the followers, which makes the development of a clear follower portrait impossible;
  • The brand has a follower base, but the followers are of little value, meaning an increase in sales conversion rates is needed.


After partnering with JINGdigital, these problems were resolved.

With support from JINGdigital, a large number of followers developed the habit of “checking” official accounts every day. With the help of JINGdigital, the brand achieved a follower response rate of 51%; more than 40% of followers now have complete back-end data and tags; After the first week of using JINGdigital’s marketing strategies, the average follower action rate was as high as 22.32%, 4 times the industry average of 5%-6%.

How did they do it? 

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Improve Follower Engagement with WeChat Official Accounts