Implementation of B2B Solution Increases The Number of Customers Acquired by 45%

The company is a listed company in the field of life sciences with a more than 50-year history. As an international B2B enterprise its target audience is small and highly professional. However, in the face of emerging digital marketing technology, the company hopes to use digital marketing technology to complete its "system and database integration" project and further improve the customer experience.



  • Customer data is scattered in different channels (WeChat official account, WeChat mini program, official website, business system), and data cannot easily be integrated. Because the data is not integrated, it is difficult to identify high potential segments. Because the target audience is not fully understood, the conversion efficiency is low.
  • The company was not able to achieve Revenue Marketing automation through system integration, which was an important factor for them to choose the JINGdigital marketing automation system.



  • Use JINGtrack to connect the WeChat mini program and H5 minisites to the WeChat Official Account, and create an integrated sCRM in the WeChat ecosystem. At the same time, tracking user behavior throughout the entire ecosystem helps companies visualize the customer life cycle and set up journeys that use targeted content to drive conversion.
  • JINGdigital integrates with the company's other systems through APIs to synchronize customer CRM data, order data, and logistics data, and provide users with quality services.



The company launched the JINGdigital marketing automation system and within 3 months acquired 3000+ leads.

Since the launch of the JINGdigital SCRM, the company has closed the loop between user tracking and the sales process through the WeChat Official Account and WeChat mini program data.

On the one hand, in the WeChat environment, the company has been able to use JING tools such as User Journeys, Chatbots and the Content Marketing Engine, along with high-quality expert content such as white papers, to attract a large number of potential leads, acquire them, engage them and ultimately convert them into potential customers;

To engage leads further, the company uses JING tools such as Personalized WeChat Menus and Personalized WeChat Posts to publish content continuously and guide leads to the e-commerce site for order placement.

JINGdigital collects and manages Miniprogram data

Figure 1 - JINGdigital collects and manages mini program data

JINGdigital's marketing automation system tracks user order behavior, automatically retargeting the customer with relevant product info, event info, shopping cart reminders, etc. This greatly diminishes order churn at key moments and drives potential customers to make final decisions faster. After the order is made, the estimated delivery time and package shipping information are synchronized through the API and sent to the customer in a template message through the WeChat Official Account.


More than 20,000 fans were acquired through a single event and 75% of followers completed the journey.

Through JINGsocial's data analysis capabilities, companies can analyze user menu click behavior, WeChat post read rates, H5 site pageviews (available through JINGtrack), QR code scans, keyword queries, forms interaction, and other actions. These activities are recorded to the user profile to power the group segmentation management and enable more targeted push messaging. User profiles gradually become richer and clearer which drives long-term conversion.

Percentage of user interaction data analyzed by JINGdigital in a single event

Figure 2: Percentage of user interaction data analyzed by JINGdigital in a single event


In a campaign that was executed on JINGdigital social CRM system, there were over 20,000 follower interactions that happened within the official account, which comprise of menu clicks, conversations, and journeys.

Simple interaction logic for users operating the JING platform

Figure 3: Simple interaction logic for users operating the JING platform


Among the users newly added through the event, about 70% are those that come from the QR codes with parameters generated by the JING platform. Using parametric QR codes, the JING platform is able to trigger different journeys for different users by tracking the acquisition source and determining the user's identity and achieve rich user profiles.

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