The Brand Turned 35% New Followers into Sales Leads

This JINGdigital-partnered bilingual international school is famous for its international teaching philosophy, adopting Chinese and Western teaching methods, and hiring educational experts to develop learning curriculums for students.

The brand’s official WeChat account has accumulated a large number of followers. Therefore, the acquisition of followers is not their primary focus, but the brand’s main goal is to make its existing followers provide more value for the brand. Among the follower groups, there are “parents who have already entered the school”, potential customers (parents) from various online and offline exhibitions, also some followers the brand knows nothing about.


 You may want to achieve the same things that this company wants to—

  • The number of followers is increasing, so this brand needs to use automation technology to learn more about follower information;
  • Identify potential customers (parents who have not yet enrolled their children in the school) and send them customized content to increase their interest in the brand;
  • Filter out customers with strong purchase intent and initiate targeted marketing.


After partnering with JINGdigital, these goals were achieved.

With the help of JINGdigital, the bilingual school set up customized QR codes for different acquisition channels, so that the source of each follower could be accurately analyzed for future interactions. Using three strategies, it became easy for this brand to turn potential customers into purchasing customers, improving the new follower enrollment rate into over 35%.


How did they do it?

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