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Growth Marketer



  • Increase qualified leads to sales through quantitative measuring tools
  • Improve and measure customer satisfaction
  • Ensure company is reacting to customer feedback


 Job Responsibilities:


  1. Product manage knowledge base and onboarding training program
  1. Work with Product Managers and Front End for simple UX product improvement
  1. Improve customer onboarding process
  1. Improve customer feedback process
  1. Test and optimize marketing tactics for customer acquisition and conversion rate optimization
  1. Current Website and O2O program




  1. Comfortable with A/B Testing and Data Analytics and Pivoting
  1. Editing and copywriting skills
  1. Knowledge about both inbound and outbound marketing
  1. Programming knowledge: even if it’s not compulsory, it is recommended.
  1. Being performance and results-oriented; curious and creative; relentless in pursuit of growth
  1. Being social and understanding users’ behavior. Having great customer relations skills and being focus on customer experience
Growth Marketer