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    Job Responsibilities:


    • Formulate and implement the industry WeChat and company platform strategy, provide regular platform operation training for customers
    • Provide consultation to customers on Wechat, platform products, system docking, etc. to understand, collect, organize and feedback customer needs
    • Compile and share internal customer cases to provide monthly and quarterly / annual data reports to customers
    • Regularly test WeChat and company platform functions, share test reports.




    • Bachelor degree or above, experience in system integration / marketing strategy is preferred.
    • Knowledge of software engineering, good ability of project planning, requirement analysis, schedule control and risk management, and some practical operation experience.验;
    • Strong customer communication ability and business processing ability, good team spirit;
    • Strong learning ability and challenging spirit.
    • Good command of written English and be able to communicate in simple English.
    • Looking to be a part of a fast growing exciting company.