Keywords Updated With Automation Marketing Technology Are Very Powerful!


There is only one way to use the feature for keyword replies—after the user enters the keyword, they receive the set content? No! This is much too simple!


Today, JINGdigital will take the WeChat official account of the B2B industry as an example. Let’s talk about the high-level features of keywords! It is time to show the powerful features of WeChat keywords after being updated by automated marketing technology.


  1. A keyword is used as a trigger to begin a conversation.

The traditional keyword reply function can’t make a conversation  between the brand and a follower. The original WeChat keyword function is limited to only one reply. Using JINGdigital marketing automation technology, a conversation can be triggered by WeChat keywords. This makes finding a distributor to talk about a partnership in the B2B industry much easier!


  1. Keywords can be converted into tags to make a clearer portrait

For example, let us say a follower is interested in the glove series, whose geographical location is confirmed by LBS featue.  After the follower input a keyword, a dialogue takes place, the profile of the the follower would have more tags according to his/her reply in the dialogue. In this case, the follower is automatically tagged with “Glove Series” and “XX City Intention Distributor”. With multiple interactions, this follower profile becomes clearer.



  1. Keywords can trigger different “customer journeys” for different followers

A keyword can be used as a trigger to introduce followers into a new segment, which will enable a personalized journey and triggers an interactive experience.


  1. Keywords can trigger personalized menus for followers

After setting up in JINGdigital backend, the keyword can be used to trigger an update of the official account interface to turn it into a personalized menu for the user.

Using our example, after the conversation ends, the menu is automatically updated to the relevant glove series content. Additionally, if the follower’s city has specific information, this information is only visible to followers from this particular city.


  1. Key words guide followers to the entrance of the online platform (E-commerence) and increase the purchase conversion rate;

Different keywords can trigger different conversations: When the keyword changes from “gloves” to a more detailed entry: “how much money”, it brings the follower to the online store and guides him/her, to the product of their desire, improving the purchase conversion rate.


  1. Keywords enhance the value of content marketing; it is conducive to the sales of dry goods;

WeChat articles generally do not increase their reading and sharing rates after the first week the post is pushed; but the feature of keywords is the best tool to make those useful articles be  read by more followers all the time.


When a follower input the relevant keywords, past useful articles can be re-marketed, which not only enriches the interaction with the follower, but it also improves the influence and usage rate of the past content.

Do you now understand these high-level features? Come follow our WeChat official account to experience them: JINGdigital (ID: JINGdigital)!