JINGdigital Marketing Automation: Convert Followers Into Purchasing CustomersNews

JINGdigital Marketing Automation: Convert Followers Into Purchasing Customers

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In July 2018, a pencil-way reporter, Liu Jing Rong interviewed Mr. Kai Hong, the chairman of JINGdigital. Throughout this interview, Mr. Kai Hong shared JINGdigital’s story: beginning as a small start-up to become China’s leading marketing automation platform. JINGdigital is most successful at helping brands “convert followers into customers”.


If you would like to see the full interview, you can find it in the pencil path APP, “Using WeChat marketing automation technology, JINGdigital has helped hundreds of brands convert millions of followers into customers”.


First, JINGdigital can help meet marketing needs for brands that cannot meet these needs by themselves.


The traffic dividend is becoming a thing of the past, while interactive marketing methods are becoming extremely useful to C-side and B-end enterprises.

When the WeChat public account was created in 2014, JINGdigital founder, Aaron Chang seized this opportunity: “WeChat is the only platform that allows companies to interact with their potential customers in real-time, proving that WeChat will become the platform of choice to improve marketing conversion rates.” JINGdigital took advantage of WeChat public accounts by providing real-time interaction with followers and helping brands operate their accounts while converting followers into customers.


Second, what is the purpose of having brand followers?


At the time of JINGdigital’s founding, many companies were faced with a similar problem: the brand had spent a lot of money and effort to acquire tens of thousands or even millions of followers, but how is the commercial value of these followers quantified?

At that time, no one had the answer.

Now, JINGdigital has the answer; Kai Hong said that JINGdigital can help brands turn followers into customers using WeChat marketing automation technology.

JINGdigital uses automated marketing technology to help brands track follower behavior. By acquiring follower data partnered with WeChat’s public data with brand EC, CRM, and other platforms, a 360-degree follower portrait can be developed to divide these followers into groups and pursuing personalized marketing. While this follower portrait is being created, the auxiliary brand discovers the “golden window period” (the period that followers are interested in the brand) and allows the brand to interact with followers in real-time using their WeChat public account, improving the marketing conversion rate.

“We have converted thousands of companies from web marketing to WeChat marketing.” Kai Hong said that JINGdigital not only helps brands conserve manpower, but also helps them understand individual follower data.  JINGdigital also has the capability to allow real-time interaction between brands and potential customers on an enormous scale (millions of interactions at the same time).


Third, the ultimate goal of JINGdigital is to convert followers into customers.


“Helping brands turn followers into customers is the ultimate goal of JINGdigital.” Kai Hong said that the key to achieving this goal is to interact with large-volume customers in real-time, taking no more than 5 seconds to complete the dialogue.


With the help of JINGdigital, a brand can interact with 10 million followers in real-time without increasing labor costs, showing the immense benefit of automation technology. To achieve large-scale real-time interactions, the platform requires computing capabilities, processing power, and business experience.

 JINGdigital’s confidence in turning brand followers into customers stems from the marketing strategies that it has acquired after having experience working with nearly 100 brands. JINGdigital not only sells a technical product but a product + corresponding marketing strategy.

After successfully serving medium and large-sized enterprises for many years, JINGdigital will continue to bring its marketing techniques to assist many companies and enter the SME market with a simpler, more cost-effective product line.


 About JINGdigital:

JINGdigital, founded in 2014, is a part of Shanghai Zhuosuo Network Technology Co., Ltd. and is China’s leading WeChat marketing automation platform. JINGdigital is committed to helping brands turn their followers into customers, deepening brand influence, improving marketing transformation, and helping these brands achieve a better understanding of each individual follower.