JINGdigital’s Automated Marketing Technology Has Been Upgraded Into a Salesforce ISV PartnerNews

JINGdigital’s Automated Marketing Technology Has Been Upgraded Into a Salesforce ISV Partner

More and more brands start to interact with followers through WeChat official accounts. However, how can a brand make personalized interactions and follower portraits while record follower information and design the interface with the CRM system at the same time? Actually, JINGdigital can easily solve the problem for any brand.

In 2018, JINGdigital, a marketing automation platform, officially became a Salesforce ISV Partner (ISV Partner). It requires JINGdigital to provide more comprehensive marketing automation to global brands. Since then, JINGdigital has set up bridges between the CRM system and the WeChat database for brands. JINGdigital can quickly bind WeChat users with customer information in brands’ original CRM system and create more comprehensive follower portraits. Also, the follower behavioral analysis provides a data foundation for brands to automate interactions and convinces followers to make a purchase.

Salesforce is the world’s largest online customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Salesforce provides an integral customer management platform of sales, service, marketing, community, analysis, and technical support for hundreds of millions of businesses.  AppExchange is a shared center launched by Salesforce to distribute custom programs. In 2018, JINGdigital’s products passed the strict evaluation by the Salesforce security team and officially landed on the AppExchange platform. Now, Salesforce users can learn more about JINGdigital’s product information on AppExchage.

As the traffic dividend period ends, corporate customer costs begin to skyrocket. With the rise of social media, user contacts are much more difficult to capture because of rapid diversification. Due to this shift in market trends, it becomes a top priority for brands to improve the conversion rate of WeChat followers to sales leads and finally to purchasers. JINGdigital, China’s leading marketing automation platform, is an integral part of Shanghai Zhuosuo Network Technology Co. Ltd. According to the research, marketing automation raises sales efficiency by 14.5% while reducing labor costs by 12.2%. Using WeChat as its platform, JINGdigital utilizes automated marketing technology to design personalized interactions with followers based on user location and marketing stage. JINGdigital is confident that this process will provide a complete solution for the enterprise market, including sales and service departments, from leads generation to the retention and then continuous promotion of purchase.

Successfully becoming a Salesforce ISV partner is a huge milestone for JINGdigital. In the future, JINGdigital will use digital marketing automation software to help a multitude of companies and brands customize interactions for every follower to increase conversion rate.