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Sr. PHP Engineer

Job Responsibilities:


  1. Join the core development team, develop and mainten the front desk and backstage of the company’s system.
  1. Complete the design, development and programming tasks of the corresponding modules according to the development schedule and task assignment.
  1. Participate in the analysis and design of platform related business modules.
  1. Solve the bugs of the platform in a timely manner to keep it usability and stability.




  1. College degree with major in computer / communication related
  1. More than 2 years experience in PHP project development, proficient in PHP and MySQL;
  1. Proficient in MVC development framework, skilled in using GIT, mastering Web development related technologies such as HTML/HTML5/CSS/JS;
  1. Familiar with LNMP development environment, independent project development capability, MySQL optimization, PHP performance optimization experience is preferred.
  1. Familiar with commonly used open source frameworks (ZF, CI, ThinkPHP, YII, Yaf), familiar with Redis cache;
  1. Good sense of user experience development, teamwork spirit, responsibility, execution, can work under pressure.
Sr. PHP Engineer