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JINGdigital is partnered with a well-known luxury brand that desires to increase its follower base. This client has many stores nationwide. The most intuitive problem that this company encounters is that every customer coming into the store is a potential follower, but not necessarily every time they purchase. How to establish a relationship with these potential customers and proceed to turn them into loyal customers?


The brand encountered these problems; maybe you have too—

  • How do you use existing resources to quickly gain more followers?
  • Followers of offline events get quick to follow and clean up;
  • Customers entering the store through the retail store line are very busy, but potential customer information cannot be recorded effectively;
  • The geographical location of fans is indistinguishable and marketing is not targeted.


After partnering with JINGdigital, these problems were resolved.

Within one month of our partnership with this brand, the number of newly acquired followers exceeded 100,000 and the integrity of the new follower information reached 70%.


How did they do it?

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