When a Company Has a Wide Range of Products, Marketing Automation Upgrades the WeChat Keyword Function to Reduce Manual Customer Service Costs by 70%.

By: JINGdigital2018-09-30


2B companies usually have hundreds or thousands of product categories. Clients are forced to search for desired products, which is time-consuming and inconvenient; sales preparing different product introductions for different customers also costs a lot of labor.


JINGdigital upgraded the WeChat keyword reply function for customers using automated marketing technology. In the WeChat official account, the follower enters any keyword, prompting the chat robot to automatically send the matching product information to the follower—whether this is an exact match or close match. While reducing the workload of manual customer service and increasing interaction with followers, the WeChat official account is an encyclopedia with all kinds of knowledge about brand products that can give you the answers you want.


Here we will show you the customer example- the keyword function in use after the implementation of the JINGdigital automated marketing technology.


Customer Background:

This company is a leader in the global scientific service industry, which has hundreds of lines with each line having thousands of products.


There are many followers who ask for product information in the brand WeChat official account, forcing the brand side to provide a lot of manpower to reply because the original keyword function cannot cover a wide range of keyword responses and is unsuccessful at accurately matching keywords that are not exact.



When the auto-reply function is upgraded, the follower can enter the product name or number, and the system will automatically reply with the product introduction link.


Scenario 1: Keywords Exact Match

This is the most probable scenario for users who already have an understanding of the product.

When followers input precise keywords, the brand’s WeChat official account can give the follower the product information that he/she wants. Perfect!


Scenario 2: Keywords Close Match

This scenario is probable for followers who do not know much about the product, may only know the product category, or only knows some related information.

When followers enter keywords about a certain product, using JINGdigital technology, the follower will be matched to the top 25 keyword related products. If the desired product is not inclueded in these 25 products, followers will be steered to enter more precise keywords to help them find the products that they desire.


Scenario 3: Keywords Failed Match

This scenario occurs when followers enter keywords  and cannot be matched to their desired products.  At this time the follower is directed to bind the customer service staff by JINGdigital sales tool or a conversation leading the follower give his/her mobile number to the brand, so they can conact him/her at a later time.


JINGdigital’s upgraded keyword response, packages the brand WeChat account into an information platform, providing customers with convenient search channels, while greatly reducing costs for manual sales and customer service.

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