WeChat Marketing Automation Technology, Help this Luxury Retail Brand Gain a New 100,000 Followers

By: JINGdigital2018-09-28


It is a common topic talk for WeChat Public to gain new followers. In 2018, we have new ways to share with you. If you have the following concerns in the retail industry brand, then this guide may bring you a new inspirational brand WeChat official account.

-How do you use existing resources to quickly gain real followers?

  • Some followers from traditional offline activities follow the account for gifts and then immediately unfollow once the gift is received.
  • The retail store has a large number of visitors, but the potential customer information cannot be effectively re-marketed; the geographical location of the followers cannot be distinguished, and the marketing is not targeted.


Customer background:

The famous luxury brand is renowned for its luxury fur and handbags in today’s world.


Case Background:

The customer has many stores nationwide. The most intuitive problem is that a shopper is a potential user, but not necessarily every time they enter the store. Do you know how to establish a relationship with them and proceed to turn them into loyal customers?



Step One: Configure “O20 tool” for each sale

JINGdigital’s 020 sales tool allows each sale in a branded store to have a QR code with its own signature, which can be used to identify the brand’s public account. The customer can scan this QR code, then can pay attention to the brand’s public account; the interface of the brand public account will then become the interface of the sales and customer 1 on 1 chat. (Doesn’t this feel incredible? Click to read the original text, we will show it to you!) For a single customer, the sales staff usually exchanges private WeChat with the TA for future communication. Communication is established using the 020 sales tool as well as sales and customer 1 on 1. Additionally, through the official micro platform, the customer’s resources will be owned by the brand. The brand’s marketing department is no longer worried about the “privatization” of customers.


Step Two: Establish a competitive nature between stores, so that every shop can gain online followers

The retail store is a perfect channel for the brand officials to attract micro-powders. The sales staff then attracts guests using the brand’s efficient and low-cost official micro. In the real-label project, the brand’s marketing department initiated a large amount of powder absorption between stores, and sold one back-end data with JINGdigital 020 to reward the stores with leading powder consumption. The sales staff can use brand coupons and line the next event invitation card. The in-store offers are available as a bait to encourage customers to pay attention to Guanwei. Within one month of the event, the number of brand official micro-followers exceeded 100,000, and the new silk information reached 70%.


Step Three: Followers introduced by different stores (regions), pushing customized content for Re-targeting

The previously mentioned new fan information integrity is as high as 70%, how is this done? After entering the store, the guest will pay attention to Guan Wei and interact with the chat robot through the “welcome journey”, which increases fan interaction with the brand account. The content of the conversation becomes the personal information of the label perfect TA; at the same time, the clerk who has been talking with the guests at a close distance can supplement the customer information from the 020 sales side: product preference, style preferences, and more. According to the information captured by the system, the sub-customers will be divided into different groups to receive highly targeted content such as offline offers from nearby stores and new products. This targeted content helps potential customers keep the brand in mind and guides them to purchases of new products. Using the JINGdigital-020 sales tool and 1 on 1 dialogue, the company can meet the two-way communication between customers and sales personnel in real time to meet the functions of guiding consumption and customer service, making customer satisfaction higher.


The previously mentioned “O2O sales tools”, “customer journey”, “targeted content “, “customized menu” and other functions, show that the original WeChat background function cannot meet the brand’s needs. Please click “Read the original text” or contact your exclusive sales representative to learn how to use the marketing automation technology to label, group, and market followers to achieve more marketing success.

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