Marketing Automation Make WeChat LBS Function More Advanced and Followers’ Satisfaction by 50%

By: JINGdigital2018-09-30


When the WeChat service number turns on “Get User Location”(LBS), the follower will receive a question when they follow a new account – “Do you want to provide your location?”. This seemingly invisible function, combined with JINGdigital’s marketing strategies can be used with endless benefits. Come and we will share it with you now –



1、LBS triggers a personalized welcome journey for followers

According to the LBS feature, a customized welcome journey would be triggered for the new followers according to the location where they are when they follow the account. Chatbots initiate chats based on the user’s location, differentiated by different stores, countries, and city journeys. Retail and travel industry brands can take advantage of this feature. Using the user’s geographic location, the potential customers are able to learn about more information and services offered in this specific area: interesting products, sightseeing spots, different dishes, history, culture, and more. The user’s geographic location and interactive information will be recorded in the form of a tag, which will outline the user’s image, making it convenient for brands to send customized content.

According to the user’s information and geographic location, this program can recommend relevant attractions, dishes, cultural sites or shopping centers, while giving users customized travel tips and recommending the best travel arrangements to achieve the ultimate user experience.

Additionally, after the user is tagged based on multiple geographic locations, the post is shown where more products and services are advertised.


2、LBS function gives users a better experience

Take the tourism industry brand as an example: after the geographic location changes to the target city, followers who have placed orders receive customized informative posts and menus, and have the option to use the O2O tools, which provide artificial 1 on 1 services. When the visitor returns from his/her tourist location, follow-up information is then sent to collect user experience feedback.

Therefore, with the geographical location function as a trigger, the brand can create a seamless online and offline experience for the user through the WeChat official account, enhancing user satisfaction.


3、LBS function, help brand more about the follower

After collecting the multi-customer location data, the user will become more familiar with the brand. For example, the tourism industry brand will reach a better understanding of the follower’s place of residence (departure location), and thus the targeted product recommendations during non-traveling days. This will help the retail industry brand by recognizing the user’s living area and shopping destinations around it.


4、Understanding the follower is the foundation of all marketing work, and is the prerequisite for providing more valuable service

The brand’s future products and marketing strategies can be influenced by summarizing and analyzing the user’s geographic location and corresponding dimensions. Users interested in different retail products will choose which business district to purchase from and where to purchase these products. What are the distinctive characteristics of user groups, what are the most popular destinations for bourgeois users in the past year, and the time slots for travel…


In the era of big data, brands can serve potential customers better only when they have the ability to learn about the customers. With JINGdigital marketing automation technology, you can make your brand WeChat official account more useful and successful.


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