How to Measure the Output of an Exhibition? With the Help of Marketing Automation, ROI of B2B’s Participation in Exhibition Doubles!

By: JINGdigital2018-09-30

An important source of sales leads for B2B Company are exhibitions, which attract customers to companies and products. Nowadays, with the increasing investment cost of exhibitions, improving the investment return of one has become a problem that B2B Company pays increasingly more attention to. Today, we will use a long-term cooperation partner of B2B as an example and share the solutions with you.


Background of customer:

Company A, a well-known American enterprise specializing in medical protection sales, is developing a commodity business. A mainly operates in disposable latex, butyronitrile, PVC, PE gloves, personal cleaning, and protection products. Along with its expansion trend into China, its popularity in China is increasing, becoming more recognizable by Chinese consumers.


  1. How do you measure the output of an exhibition?
  2. How do you improve the investment conversion rate of brand exhibitors?
  3. After taking part in the exhibition, a loss of many potential customers still can’t be avoided even it costs manpower to follow up.



1、Add tags to each new Leads so that the exhibition results are traceable

Nowadays, the brand uses the number of fans of official WeChat as an evaluation of the effectiveness of the exhibition. According to different channels, exhibitions, and sales representatives, JINGdigital sets corresponding QR codes for A. Followers who scan different QR codes to pay attention to the WeChat official account are made corresponding tags. Thus, the brand can be clear about the fans’ sources and identity.

In addition, more information that the user interacts with the brand’s WeChat can also be perfected as the tag information to the user information base. JINGdigital can gain fans according to their actions in the official account so that the brand can refer to the status of fans: “target customers”, “potential customers”, or others. The brand can then further clarify the effects of the exhibition to absorb potential customers, as well as the follow-up status of these customers.


2、Chatting robot increases the retention rate of WeChat fans by 100%

As mentioned above, JINGdigital helps the brand master its fan sources. Additionally, it can help the brand improve the fan retention rate; “welcome journey” is set according to the different scenarios where the new fan enters the WeChat official account so that the chatting robot can interact with fans for the first time and further collect user information while improving the potential user’s impression and memory of the brand in limited time.

In addition, the chatting robot can act as a “customer”, “seller” or another role for daily maintenance, improving reaction speed and user loyalty.


3、Pushing customized content to promote the conversion of fans to potential customers

As shown in the figure below, B2B Company needs to strengthen the user retention of each link in order to achieve an increase in the final purchase rate. It is important to provide the most appropriate content for each potential user.

Using these two steps, A’s fans already possess multi-dimensional tags. According to the tags, the WeChat operators analyze the life cycle of the fans, subdivide them into different groups, and send customized text information to them in an effort to convert them into purchasing customers. A sends different purchase strategies for subdivided users, making the reading rate nearly 10 times higher than before the improvement.


4、Opening a plug-in to allow each customer to be serviced at the perfect time so that the company’s data is intact.

Based on a fan’s action trajectory, a seller will be assigned to conduct point-to-point contact with the user via the WeChat official account when sufficient trigger points prove that a fan has purchase intent.

On one hand, proper timing of the action taken by the sales personnel can make the process of converting potential customers to purchasing customers more smoothly. On the other hand, the WeChat official account gets close to the communication between sellers and customers while solving the problem that customers are bound by individual sellers and that the customers of the company are not guaranteed.




The above process helps B2B Company improve the conversion rate of potential customers to buying customers after setting exhibitions. This process is also applicable to the integration and conversion rate of online and offline sales leads.

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