The Reading Rate of this Brand over 3 Times the Industry Average

This company is a leader in the global FMCG industry and has a significant amount of followers, but the amount of WeChat posts published is constantly fluctuating, which is a long-standing problem for the WeChat marketing team.


These are the problems that they encountered:

  • What do followers want to see when they follow the brand’s official WeChat account?
  • What is the best time to send followers posts so that they are interested to click on the post?
  • How do you design a text and cover pictures to attract followers to click on the post and open it?


After partnering with JINGdigital, these problems were resolved.


The brand is now able to:


  1. Identify the information (interests, favorite products, etc.) of WeChat followers
  2. Learn more about their followers and host marketing campaigns without annoying potential customers;
  3. Build closer interactions with followers.



After using JINGdigital’s functions, the brand was able to send the right content to the right followers at the right time.



How did they do it?

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