This Targeted Content Marketing Plan Achieved A Quarterly Retention Rate Exceeding 85%

An American pharmaceutical company, owing to its business scope, operates multiple WeChat service accounts. One of the accounts serves as an engagement hub for interaction with doctors. It sends out WeChat posts, meeting reminders, and other medical information.


The account links to a content center that contains expert documents and recordings of online broadcasts. To access it, a doctor must first register in the CRM. Because the company targets many doctors of different specializations and has a content archive spanning diverse materials, the company faces the problem of how to reach the doctors with the right content at the right time.



  • Due to the restrictions of WeChat group sending, the company needs other ways to reach out to doctors;
  • The amount of high-quality expert content available is limited and needs to be recycled to ensure maximum value;
  • Because of the high customer acquisition costs, the company strives to reduce churn by aggressively limiting content spamming. Content sent out needs to be highly targeted to doctor specializations.
  • Due to legal restrictions, some content is allowed to be displayed only to certified doctors.



Step 1: Driving online traffic by offline visits

  • The sales representative visits the doctor in person and guides the doctor to follow the WeChat account. The sales rep assists him to complete the registration, and at the same time obtains valuable information about the doctor, including the department, the medical field, and other dimensions;
  • To welcome new followers (doctors), an automated customized tour of the official account is launched which informs doctors where they can obtain relevant scientific research, conference invitations, and medical information. This greatly improves the lifetime value of followers;
  • Through JINGconnect, after doctors follow the official account by scanning the QR code of sales representatives, the company integrates WeChat user information with the brand CRM.


Step 2: Use tagging to create unique user profiles

  • After successful registration, the doctor's data is saved in the CRM system securely;
  • The company builds a tagging system using JINGsocial, segmenting doctors according to information such as field and department;
  • To further enrich the user profiles, the company also tags doctors according to social behavior, such as participating in online and offline meetings.

This targeted content marketing planFigure 1: Data integration and real-time sync


Step 3: Parallel management - personalized WeChat menus

  • JINGsocial's personalized WeChat menu function allows companies to create multiple personalized menus for the WeChat official account which links out to tailored content and service pages.
  • The company publishes different menus for doctors in different fields according to the user profile field data;
  • At the same time, special menus can be set up for sales reps and internal employees to manage in parallel;
  • When the user meets the conditions corresponding to the personalized menu, the menu is automatically published to the user.

Parallel management - personalized menus

Figure 2: Parallel management - personalized menus


Step 4: Targeted push messaging according to a preset schedule

  • With the help of JINGsocial's group push messaging function, companies can periodically (four times a month) push targeted content to different user segments
  • Invitations to online & offline events can be sent anytime via template messages to designated users to drive attendance;
  • By tracking whether a user clicks a link or meeting notification, the user profile can be further improved.

Targeted push messaging according to a preset scheduleFigure 3: Targeted push messaging according to a preset schedule



After the company implemented the JINGdigital marketing automation system, the follower tagging rate exceeded 85%, and more than 20 WeChat articles were sent each month with a click-through rate of over 50%. After implementing targeted content marketing, the follower retention rate in the last quarter exceeded 85%.


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