WeChat Marketing Platform

The JING digital WeChat platform adds a new layer of powerful features onto your wechat service account letting you listen to, understand and engage with your customers in new ways. Our goal is to give you the tools to create an interesting conversation with your followers and then be able to keep the conversation going, driving your customers towards your goals. Here’s what the platform can do for you.

Know Your Customers Better:

Actually understand who your best customers are, who is really engaged with you and your messaging. Be able to see what they have done with you in the past, and be able to dynamically assign them to groups to indicate their level of engagement with your brand. Then using the reporting and analysis tools you can drill down into your followers to understand them better.

Talk Differently to Different Customers:

You don’t talk to your buddies and your mom the same way, now you can start using the power of user groups and tags to talk to your users in different ways. Use user groups and tags to segment your users and message them differently. You no longer need to talk to everyone the same way.

Talk to Your Customers in New Ways:

Our WeChat platform provides a number of new ways to talk to your customers. Use our Survey tool to quickly and efficiently get feedback on key issues facing your organization quickly. Integrated SMS messaging lets you contact your most valuable registered users through another channel that isn’t limited by time. In addition one of the most powerful tools is the ability to chat directly with any user who has taken an action in the last 48 hours, have a question, you can now ask.

Motivate Your Customers to Share more with You:

Customers don’t like registering unless they get something. That something can often be in the form of a promotion. Create promotions that drive customers to register with your and personal contact information like mobile number or email. Once registered the platform can contact them through SMS as well as WeChat.

Create and Run Measurable Promotions:

Have an event that you want people to easily join, it’s as easy as scanning a wechat QR code. Easily create a QR code and link it to an event, when users scan the code they will automatically be added to the promotional event and follow your account if they ware a new user. If desired you can require them to enter their mobile number or email address. User list can then be exported so that you can follow up separately and analyze participation.

Make Your Customers Experience Seamless:

One of the great strengths of WeChat is it’s open architecture allowing you to push users from WeChat to your mobile site. We’ve created account integrations for a number of the most popular ecommerce and CMS platforms, letting you connect your users WeChat account with your website. Giving them single sign in abilities to be logged in directly when coming from WeChat.

Use the Power of Big Data:

One of the big drawbacks to WeChat is that it doesn’t keep a history of individual user behavior and conversations. We’ve¬†created a powerful data warehouse to store that data and give you analytical tools to dig deeper into your customer’s data and behavior. Additionally you can analyze their conversations going back to when they began following you, not just 5 days.

Empower Your English and Chinese speaking teams:

For international companies one of the challenges is that the WeChat basic interface is entirely in Chinese. We’ve provided both an English and Chinese version of our WeChat platform interface so that all users will be able to use the platform.


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