Three Birds With One Stroke or A Brilliant WeChat Marketing Strategy

Three Birds With One Stroke or A Brilliant WeChat Marketing Strategy

There are so many ways to do WeChat marketing, and it is not at all limited to sending out posts to your followers. A good example of a WeChat marketing campaign is the one from Wang Xiang Yuan restaurant, a dining place famous for its specialties from Sichuan. They started using one of the features for a great WeChat marketing campaign. Let’s see what they did.

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The background of the feature

If you open your WeChat application and click on Discover, you’ll see a number of options, including Moments, Scan a QR Code, Shake and others. “Shake” option was originally designed to look for people, who are shaking their phones at the same time with you in nearby locations. After that, you can chat with this person through IM. Since WeChat has always been a very closed community-like network, you can’t contact other people if they’re not on your contact list. For this reason, “Shake” became pretty popular.

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A while ago there has been added an option of connecting “Shake” to the TV shows and programs, and they started using this feature a lot. For example, with the signal of the TV host, the audience who are watching the TV can shake their phone and have a chance to win a prize or “hongbao,” which stands for money gift. On some shows, you can vote for your favorite singer or discuss them and even place bets for the performers whom you think will win.

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Wang Xiang Yuan’s WeChat Marketing Strategy

Wang Xiang Yuan decided to use a new feature to WeChat, so you can connect not only to the TV shows and radios, but also turn your bluetooth on and use location-based services. If you go to the restaurant and use this feature, it will locate you. If you’re located within a few meters from the restaurant reception, you’ll be asked to verify your cellphone number with an SMS code.

After a successful verification, you’ll be asked to start following Wang Xiang Yuan’s WeChat account and then the system will generate a unique number coupon for 50 RMB to spend in the restaurant. At the checkout, just simply show this number to the waiter, and they will discount 50 RMB from your bill and give you the new dish of the restaurant to try for free. In China, restaurant prices are comparably cheap, and in this kind of restaurant you can get one solid dish for 50 RMB. It sounds like a lot of money has been invested into this campaign. Is it worth it for the restaurant?

What are the Goals of this Strategy?

Let’s see what the restaurant will get from this promotion. First of all, the restaurant would be able to rapidly grow their business as more people will come in for dinner if they know they can get a discount.

Second, Wang Xiang Yuan can promote their new dishes. These new dishes are offered for free, so the guests can try them and recommend them to their friends or on Dianping ( is a huge network, where people leave their comments and give feedback about the food/service quality/etc. for all the restaurants, cinemas and other places all around China).

Third, the strategy will also help Wang Xiang Yuan increase their number of followers, so the next time they have a promotion, they can reach out to their followers directly. Everyone is using WeChat and at the moment, making it the best channel for any kind of service/product/company. In this case, Wang Xiang Yuan is hitting three birds with one stone.

Wang Xiang Yuan’s brilliant WeChat marketing strategy is a good example of how any company in the service industry can not only go along with technology, but also stay on top of it and even bring new values and strategies to their benefit. You can also view the video for more details about this case study.