WeChat Strategies That Every Marketer Should Know

WeChat Strategies That Every Marketer Should Know

We’ve been talking so much about WeChat in China. But why should we do WeChat marketing? How does it work? Here are some golden rules for WeChat marketing that you should know.

Why WeChat Marketing?

As you may already know, everyone is going mobile especially in China. How much mobile activity are Chinese netizens spending on WeChat? Here are some statistical facts to get you started on WeChat marketing.

Mobile Activity

As of February 2015, 27.7% of entire mobile activity was spent on WeChat. Impressive?

Here’s another fact: almost 80% of WeChat users follow official accounts. These numbers tell you why should start doing WeChat marketing. Now let’s dig into how we can do that.

Official Accounts

What should I start with?

There are two kinds of official accounts that you can open on WeChat: service and subscription account.
Service account:
- Every time you send a post, your followers will receive a push notification.
- Your account will be shown on the WeChat user’s phone along with the friends’ chats.
- Post quantity is limited to four times a month.
Subscription account:
- No push notifications.
- Your account is buried in a “Subscriptions” folder.
- Post quantity is limited to one post per day.
We advise you to open a service account even if it has only four posts per month. Don’t get attracted to almost unlimited posts – read more to find out why.

When should I send a post?
The chart below illustrates the day and times that posts are viewed. During weekends and holidays, the post views do not differ too much, but during weekdays, post viewing drastically spikes up after work hours. Yes, you should be able to send the posts after work hours if you want to get maximum exposure.

When Send a Post

Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter that much if you send out a post during the work week or during the weekend. This is the main difference of WeChat from other social networks—WeChat is completely mobile, so unlike Facebook for instance, people will check it every day along with their chats from friends.

Should I send a multi-line or a single post?
The length of the post does not really affect their reading rate. For multi-line posts and single posts, the reading rate is the same. But if you have a service account and your followers receive only four posts per month, perhaps it is better to send a multi-line post so you can communicate more information. As a general rule for all social marketing channels, do not sacrifice quality for quantity. Remember to post quality content every time.



WeChat is personal
The success of WeChat marketing largely depends on how well you write your content and message. Unlike other social networking platforms, WeChat is only mobile-based, so it is very personal. Followers will receive your messages along with the messages from their friends. How will an aggressive sales content look in this environment? It will look inappropriate and out of place.

If your followers are annoyed by the posts you’re sending, they can easily unsubscribe, so it is very important to make your posts look and sound conversational and friendly. A bit of humour and everyday language are what your followers will most probably prefer to read after work.

The golden rule for titles is not very different from other social networks: make them catchy!

Lately, the successful posts tend to lean towards visual content. This is because it’s easier to understand visual content than long boring text, so avoid unnecessarily long post. (In our case we are writing for people who are really interested in WeChat marketing and will read this text until the very end anyway – but here you go, a candy for your eyes).


Structure of post
If you’re sending a multi-line post, put the most interesting content on top. The first post usually gets the most views and clicks.

And, of course, content is king everywhere you go. Don’t talk about the same topics over and over again. Make your post interesting to read. If you’re promoting a service or product, insert the message into the story that people will read.

Good luck! Those are our primary research results. We keep on pulling more data out of WeChat to give you a better vision on it. More data soon!