WeChat City Services Undergoes Beta Testing

WeChat City Services Undergoes Beta Testing

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What are WeChat City Services?

We are very excited to tell you that WeChat has just launched a beta test of their new service, called “City Services.” It’s being run in three pilot cities: Shenzhen, Foshan and Guangzhou, where Tencent is based. To add WeChat City Services to your account, you need to change your location to one of the pilot cities. Enter your “Wallet” (钱包) and choose “City Services” (城市服务).

WeChat City Services 1

What can you do with it?

Apart from expected and usual options like weather, air quality and maps, you can also:
- Pay your driving fine.
- Check the real-time traffic situation on the streets using police cameras installed on the streets.
- Book annual vehicle examination.
- Get a schedule for ID-related services (applying for ID, renew it, etc.).
- Check your state exam’s results.
- Schedule marriage ceremony.
- Book an appointment for divorce procedures.
- Pay your vehicle taxes and check your tax records.
- Pay your bills.
- Book an appointment for newborn registration.
- Book an appointment for housing registration.
- Book an appointment to apply for a passport.

Pretty amazing, huh? Let’s see some screenshots below.

Real-time traffic camera feed.

WeChat City Services 2

Booking an appointment in the hospital

WeChat City Services 3

Checking your examination results.

WeChat City Services 4

Paying electricity bills

WeChat City Services 5

What is the goal?

How will this affect city life? If it works as planned, these new features can reduce the traffic jams on the streets and you can say goodbye to huge queues in the hospitals and most of government-related service offices.

What does it mean for us? It means that the more aspects of life are covered by WeChat, the more stable the future of this application is (can I still call it just an application?). In an era where information technology software programs come and go and yesterday’s popular network does not operate anymore, only constant improvement and keeping up with industry trends like what WeChat is doing can let a network retain its position.

Cooperation with the government is making WeChat an essential, must-have app in every netizen’s life. Let’s see how this beta test will go and how WeChat City Services will look when it’s released to the rest of country.