Best WeChat Marketing Campaigns: Big Brands, Wide Horizons

Best WeChat Marketing Campaigns: Big Brands, Wide Horizons

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Happy New Year to everyone! 恭喜发财!

We are back from the holidays, rested and happy to give you more insights on WeChat Marketing.

If you are still in doubt about the power of WeChat marketing, let’s have a look at the companies that you definitely know and see how they are using the application. These case studies will let you see how far you can go with WeChat.

Ctrip WeChat Marketing Campaign Attracting Thousands of Followers

Ctrip is an online agency that provides booking services for all kinds of travelling, from booking a flight and hotel to renting a car at your travel destination. Their WeChat ID: ctripdailydeals.

Through WeChat, Ctrip offers daily promotions and these can be anything from flight discounts to free stay at hotels. Let’s see one that has been posted recently: “Get a free night at the Sheraton Sanya hotel!” To win a stay – and there’s only one winner every day – you need to repost the advertisement to your moments (this will appear in your friends’ news feed, so they might participate in this promotion, too) and take a screenshot. Then follow Ctrip WeChat account and send them a screenshot. The winner is chosen randomly and announced the next day in another post along with the next promotion.

So what value is this strategy bringing to Ctrip? First of all, they have a huge amount of newly subscribed WeChat users every day. A massive database of followers will definitely be helpful to Ctrip in the future, and sending one post gives the company an opportunity to reach all of them at once. Second, remember that “Read More” button in the post? This button redirects followers to the official Ctrip website and drives traffic to it. Last, but not the least, if a follower wins a free stay in Sanya Sheraton hotel, they will also need a flight ticket, probably a car rented and vacation tours booked. Ctrip offers all of these services.

WeChat Marketing_Ctrip

Not bad, you say? Let’s dig deeper into WeChat marketing opportunities.

Calvin Klein Personalized Marketing Campaign

Moving into a different industry: Calvin Klein clothing brand (WeChat ID: CalvinKleinOfficial). CK takes WeChat very seriously, too and they have turned it into some kind of a little in-app website. Sending out the posts about new collections might help your followers find what they want and buy it directly on WeChat. A menu in the bottom of a cellphone screen allows you to register or log in into your CK online shop.

WeChat Marketing_CK

WeChat Marketing_CK

Other menu items allow a follower to learn more about the brand and its recent clothing collection. Calvin Klein in their WeChat marketing is more focused on having personalized conversations with their client. Calvin Klein is quite a high-end brand, and their followers are most probably their current customers or potential customers who want to be in touch with the latest trends and CK news.

If for instance we compare Ctrip and Calvin Klein, we will see that their target customers are very different from each other. Many people (growing middle class in China) can afford buying a promotion flight ticket for travelling purposes. Meanwhile, not many people will spend the same amount of money on a pair of jeans. This way unlike Ctrip, for Calvin Klein having a personal conversation and engaging each follower means more than attracting thousands of followers, who most probably won’t buy anything.

Interesting? Read on.

Nike Campaign is Pushing Youth to Sport

Let’s check Nike, who probably understands the Chinese market more than any other brand. This youth-oriented sports clothing brand keeps in touch with trends that attract young people. They are actively using Weibo, Chinese analogue to Twitter, and make their presence in WeChat known, too.

Their first big move to WeChat was in 2012 during the Festival of Sport 2012 that took place in Shanghai. Nike placed the QR code, scanning, which you automatically subscribe to Nike’s WeChat account. WeChat would automatically record the followers’ sport achievements and share them with Nike and friends in their news feed. All of them were recorded and then Nike would announce the winners in each kind of sport and even introduce the best runners and other sportsmen to the international sports stars.

Apart from events like this, which became quite frequent now, Nike’s WeChat application (ID: NikeRunClub) offers help to every runner. The slogan on their WeChat account is “Run More, Run Better, Run Together!”

WeChat Marketing_Nike

Above is the screenshot of Nike’s WeChat application. The application can track your location and speed and create and record the running route for you. Just hit “Start running” and you will have the entire route and speed tracked for you, which you can later share with your friends! And there’s more.

WeChat Marketing_Nike 2

WeChat Marketing_Nike 3

Tap on “Runner’s Compass” button – and there’s a sub menu with “Running Equipment”, “Running Route”, “Training Plan” and “Tips”. When you request information about equipment, you will be sent a post with Nike sport shoes and running clothing with tips on how to choose shoes and clothes that would suit and fit your body shape, weather conditions, and running style.

“Running Route” will provide you with information on possible running routes. Tap on “Training Plan” and you will have an entire running plan for 12 weeks with the detailed information on how, when, and how long you should be running. “Tips” are formed in the FAQs form and will give answers to all of your questions.

“Women’s Road Race” will give training plans for women and let you sign up for races all over the world and connect with people around you who are also participating in races. And, of course, this will also redirect you to the Nike online store.

Nike WeChat marketing campaign is definitely a success. The last post that they sent out to the followers gained more than 25,000 views. Most of the time, the number of views is generated by people who are really interested in the content they receive from Nike, which makes them potential customers or existing loyal customers. How many more people are following this account, but haven’t read the post yet?

This is how exciting it can get if you understand the power of WeChat in the Chinese marketing environment. There will be more case studies later, and for now here’s one last screenshot of a Chinese Communist Party WeChat account. Yes, even the Communist Party of PRC has its own official verified WeChat account (WeChat ID: gcdyweixin). Have a great weekend!

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