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径 (Jìng)

1 footpath; path; track 2 way; means 3 straight; directly

Ecommerce is complicated and competing in China online is even more complicated, it can feel winding, difficult, like navigating without a map. In Chinese Jing means a path, a way, straight, direct. We here at JING digital deliver solutions that live up to our name. We have experienced and successfully navigated a multitude of ecommerce and online challenges and are committed to leading our clients through these and the new challenges that changing markets and technology bring.

How do we do it? Simple, Listen, Innovate, Repeat. We find the biggest challenge is often between assumptions and user’s actual behavior so we use agile and lean strategies to make sure that we are listening to what they really want and can quickly design, build and test to find what works.

We specialize in developing multi-channel ecommerce marketing solutions. Our solutions often include ecommerce strategy, ecommerce web site design, ecommerce site development, WeChat application development, social marketing strategy, creative web site design, web site development, web application programming, content management systems (CMS), Chinese web site localization and translation. We like using open source platforms like Magento commerce, Drupal, WordPress, we develop primarily in PHP, MySQL. JING digital was founded in Shanghai in 2007. We’re located in Shanghai, China and Seattle, WA.

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